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There is no minimum quantity, when needed we can manufacture single  items. However, some items may have significant set-up costs, quite sensible in case of several units order.

In case this is a product within our standard range or one only modified in terms of size – yes. However, when this is a product requiring development from scratch, involving additional tooling and prototyping process – the set-up costs we experience have to be covered.

After an order has been confirmed by the customer in writing, we order required amount of materials directly. The technical details are clarified and after final approval of drawings the machining operations begin. However, working with custom projects, situations can change and modifications appear. If it happens that some dimensions are updated before production starts – there are no extra charges. Otherwise, the costs incurred have to be compensated for, whether it is down-time due to interruption of production or waste of material.

Cancelling an order completely is only possible if materials have not yet been shipped out from our suppliers. If it has been already dispatched, the client has to cover the cost of material.


Due to volatile material prices we do not keep a standard price list. Please inquire about product(s) of interest, indicating the quantity you are willing to purchase per order and we will get back to you with an offer within 1-2 working days.

Metal products

Products made from carbon steel and given a powder coating finish are recommended to use indoors. If an article made of carbon steel has its powder coating mechanically or chemically damaged – that area will become subject to corrosion. In case you wish to have powder coated items outdoors – we recommended to choose stainless steel as the material.


The delivery time depends on production load at the time being and the extent of the relevant project. Statistically, an average project is completed within 3-4 weeks.

In most cases we handle transportation for our customers, the price of it is stated separately in each case. If you prefer using your own forwarder – we can offer products EXW, packed for transportation.


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